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Created 0606.1212.17171717
Owner wangkiky
Title Eight round cylindrical incense burner
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Basic instructions -
Name: Eight Dragon cylindrical incense burner
Material: copper; iron
Process: After the molding of the censer, it is carefully polished, rust-proofed and painted, the front and the back of the pottery can be cast on temples, temples, temples, merit houses, etc. according to the requirements of the client. Painted painted outside can also be washed into bronze. coating machines manufacturers china

Classic simple, it is durable. More atmosphere, cast iron can be cast iron, complete specifications, high quality, the use of advanced insulation
Technology, allowing you to safely and safely use, professional custom, fast delivery time. vacuum pump,vacuum furnaces,vacuum coating machine

Complete specifications

Scope of application -
Temples, Buddhism, scenic areas, ancestral temples and other religious worship units vacuum coating metallizing vacuum plating plasma coating equipment

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