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Title Incense appliance
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Incense appliances, multi-purpose life appliances or burning incense before the Buddha for. Modelling diversity, the Western Han Dynasty pottery Zhixun furnace and furnace of Boshan, Jin is the Song Dynasty celadon kiln burning fume furnace, North and South have fish ear drum furnace, furnace, furnace, nail nails Lianpan furnace, firing off the censer, Ming and Qing Dynasties Jingdezhen kiln blue and white rice, in the Xuande blue seawater lines ears three foot furnace the most.

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Is the ancient incense burning furnace of the device, smoked furnace, furnace of incense, hands and feet. The ancients worship incense, incense use very much, the main function has three points: one is to study the Xunyi; second is essential, "netrose night reading" of the poem as evidence; third is used for worshipping buddha.

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A l Hu -ch case NQ case i ng

Can [be masterly in proficiency as into Dan pure blue flames when impurities disappear] to the present alchemist refining pure blue, broad and profound knowledge and skills to metaphor point

A few of his performing art reached a pinnacle of degree

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The furnace is a kind of fuel to provide the burning of the container, mostly fired clay, also made of wood, stone, metal, urn-shaped, pot-shaped, there are square. (Such as coal), combustion of fuel can be used to heat or heating objects, is an early household items commonly used in Japan, such a container called "fire bowl" (Japanese: fire bowl / ひ ば ち Hibachi).
Vacuum Furnace Modern invention automation equipment, furnace direct use of fire (fuel furnace), electricity (electric arc furnace, induction furnace) to heat, for common household or industrial equipment. This modern equipment has no original "furnace" image, but "furnace" image in the religious appliances of the "incense burner" preserved.
Household furnaces are used primarily to heat objects in the furnace, such as air, steam or water. At present, the commonly used fuels used for heating are natural gas, fuel oil, coal and wood. Electric power is also often used for heating the furnace, especially in areas where electricity prices are relatively low.
Charcoal, using charcoal as fuel
custom vacuum furnace Gas furnaces, using liquefied natural gas (LNG) or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) as fuel
Card stove, use canned gas as fuel, wild camping is common
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Electric ceramic heaters

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