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Title Dead Nation is a bit more NBA Live 18 Coins
Description The month is starting strong with NBA Live 18 Coins NBA Live 18 Coins two titles, including a brand new dual-stick shooter for the PS4 and the gritty Tomb Raider reboot from last gen.First up, Plus subscribers are getting Dead Nation: Apocalypse Edition for the PlayStation 4, offering up all of the zombie-blasting action from the PS3 version of the Runescape game, as well as spiffy new graphics, the DLC chapters, new game modes, streaming interaction and more. To help newcomers ease into the apocalypse, a handy survival guide has also been provided, showing off quite a few tricks of the trade. Dead Nation is a bit more complex than your average dual-stick shooter in that it requires more from the Runescape player than just holding one stick to move and the other stick to shoot. Zombies can be distracted by the environment, meaning the Runescape player will want to shoot cars with alarms or vending machines to group them together for an easy mass kill. You'll also be able to get health packs and ammo out of car trunks and the like, so be careful not to just destroy the environment before checking it for supplies.There's also an upgrade system for your weapons and gear, turning your decent arsenal into some of the most entertaining zombie killers to ever grace a Runescape video game. Pick a few favorites and focus on making them as good as they can be or try to keep a perfectly rounded armory of decent gear, it's up to you. More tips can be found in the linked survival guide.Also arriving on Plus this week is the re-launch of Laura Croft's story in Tomb Raider. Ditching a bit of the series bright colors for blood and grit, and some of the storied franchise's goofy plot for real narrative, Tomb Raider turned out to be everything fans of the series were hoping for in a reboot. Finally, don't forget about those Spring Fever discounts. Plus subscribers will get an extra percentage off a bunch of ongoing sales throughout March, so be sure to check the network every Tuesday afternoon to see what's up for grabs on the cheap.Celestian Tales: Old North Returns To Kickstarter With A Vengeance. Kickstarter campaigns are nothing to Cheap NBA Live 18 Coins scoff at. More cheap coins in https://www.nbalive18coins.com/
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